Academics are a huge part of not only Penn State University but extremely important to our chapter. We proudly hold the #2 highest GPA of Greek life on campus.

In order to promote our achievement and encourage our members to withhold our standing, we have put in methods to promote good academic practices. Each week we recognize sisters that have gotten good grades that week. One person is randomly selected at the end of chapter and the winner gets a prize!

Also, we hold study hours each week for members with lower academic standings in order to guide their studies and promote good habits. We have recently implemented a new 'Academic Big & Little' program where older sisters can serve as mentors for younger sisters in their same major. This helps promote guidance from the older members and unites the older and younger pledge classes.

We are a large sorority, so having these connections can help get girls closer to one another, provide insight from a student to student viewpoint that cannot be obtained via a counselor. 

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